What Are The Best Braces For You?

In the United States only, Pennsylvanian dental association reported that almost four million people are wearing braces. Dental braces have become popular throughout the country. Most dental braces are made from metal, but you will still find out that there are many types of braces to choose from.

The question arises as to which braces are best suitable to use. Even though your dentist will recommend a type, you also have a choice in the type of braces you prefer. But why do dentist recommend braces in the first place?

Why do dentists recommend braces? Braces are used to help improve or restore a person “orofacial” appearance. Most commonly a person who gets fitted with braces surfers from various orthodontic problems like.

  • Incorrect jaw position.
    Crooked teeth.
    Underbites and overbites

These problems if left untreated may result in more serious conditions and diseases such as; tooth decay, gum disease, ear ache or migraines.

When is the right time for braces? Most people tend to believe that braces are meant for kids, but this is not the case, they can be used by everyone regardless of age. Most dentists recommend that the best age to use braces is usually 10-14 years. At this age the mouth and the head are still growing and therefore, the teeth are most susceptible to change.

Though it is recommended that you discuss with your kids first the importance of braces before they wear one to avoid stigmatization. Adults, just as the kids, can suffer from a minor dental problem that will require the use of braces. a dentist will recommend the use of the braces in such circumstances.

The first type of braces is the traditional stainless steel metal braces. Also made of wires, this type of braces are fortunately smaller in size than they were a few years back and with their heat activated wire they will move your teeth in the position much more quickly as they respond to your body heat.

These metal braces tend to be less costly and best for kids but on the downside, they are more noticeable and you would probably have a difficult time eating hard or sticky food. Ceramic braces are also available. These braces appear the same as the metal braces both in shape and size, but they are tooth-colored or ceramic.

Usually, they are more costly than the metal braces and will stain more easily. But compared to the metal braces you will find them much better when it comes to maintaining a low profile. Lingual or concealed braces are fitted at the back of your teeth to remain hidden the disadvantage of these braces is that they are less likely to be used for severe cases. Lastly are the aligner braces. These braces are clear, removable and also customizable.

Unlike their counterparts, they can be removed in cases where you are eating, brushing or flossing though they are only available for teens and adults. In conclusion, there are many types of braces available to choose from. You can consult a dentist if you are unsure which type you prefer.

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